symbol of solidarity 

A documentary film about how art can ignite and unite a community

Watch the film trailer below. 

Symbol of Solidarity was included in Pennsylvania's first annual Day of Racial Healing and celebrated by Governor Tom Wolf and First Lady Frances Wolf. Watch below.  


Symbol of Solidarity is the new feature-length documentary film from first time filmmaker, Philadelphia native, and MTV producer, Esteban Serrano, and writer-producer, Eric Bhanudas Blackerby. The documentary explores how Brian "bbsketch" Bowens, a Philadelphia-based Black artist and sneakerhead in a predominately white suburb, uses his gifts to help a community find their voice.


“This mural project is important to Jenkintown Borough because the expression of solidarity and action as symbolized by the multicolored fist and the words of unity in the background speak to the hopes for our community. It is important that we work together to address racism, anti-semitism, classism, sexism, and genderism - all the "isms" - and to help folks understand how each of us collectively and as individuals can affect change in the systems that are keeping people down. As Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King said - ‘No one is free until all of us are free.’ ~ Borough Council President, Deborra Pancoe


About Film Director, Esteban Serrano

Esteban Serrano, through his nearly two decade long career in television, is a storyteller. From his early days at MTV in 2004 producing the iconic TRL, to his present days at the same network helping to relaunch Yo! MTV Raps in countries like Asia, the United Kingdom and beyond. It’s the stories that drive him. 


About Artist, Brian Bowens

Brian “bbsketch” Bowens is an illustrator and designer who has built his reputation on an authentic love for sports and a brilliant eye. He has worked with ESPN, Foot Locker, Bleacher Report and many other notable brands and athletes. He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife, four kids and sneakerhead collection (size 12).


About Screenwriter & Producer, Eric Bhanudas Blackerby

As a professional, Eric’s journey has taken him from content marketing and project management roles at Sony Music and tech startups, to writing, producing, and directing. His work has been performed on MTV and Nickelodeon, and has been featured in media outlets like HYPEBEAST, TIME and Entertainment Weekly.  


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